Four Reasons To Use Gold Electroplating To Restore Your Jewellery

Electroplating is a technique used to coat an object with a thin layer of metal. It is often used in the jewellery industry to repair broken jewellery or to make new pieces. The process involves submerging an object into a solution containing the metal needed for plating. Once the metal has been deposited on the surface of the object, it must be rinsed and dried before it can be worn or sold. Read More 

Signs You Need a Textured Plaster Ceiling Replacement

In a new house, everything is well done and perfect. But, with time, you will notice the house deteriorating. One area, in particular, that is hard to ignore is the plaster degradation on the ceiling. It is recommended that you repair any plaster issues before the situation gets out of hand. But at times, the ceiling might be far gone, and fixing would be a waste of money. In such cases, plaster replacement is the best solution. Read More 

3 Common Plaster Ceiling Flaws and How They Can Be Fixed

Plaster ceilings can succumb to damage over time for various reasons. Leaks, earthquakes and improper installation will make your ceiling an eyesore within no time, but luckily, fast intervention can bring your ceiling back to standard. This article discusses common ceiling problems, why they occur and how you should handle them. 1. Big and small cracks Plaster is a heavy material, and so it must be properly attached or else gravity acting on it can cause damage. Read More 

3 Important Things You Should Know about Water Damage

Water damage occurs for various reasons—flooding, storms, burst pipes, clogged drains, etc. It's extremely stressful because it can cause irreparable damage, especially when left unaddressed for too long. This article discusses three important factors all homeowners should know about water damage in order to be adequately prepared if it happens to them. 1. Turn off the power Before heading to examine the extent of water damage, it's important to turn off your power at the mains supply. Read More 

How to Repair Cosmetic Cracks in Your Brick and Mortar Foundation

Over time, your brick foundation may develop cracks. If the cracks are cosmetic, you can repair the cracked brickwork yourself. Here are some tips for touching up the brickwork around your foundation. 1. Make Sure the Cracks Don't Indicate Structural Damage If the cracks are just tiny cracks in the mortar between the bricks, that is usually not a problem. Additionally, if you see a crack in an L-shape around a block of bricks, that is also usually not a problem, especially if the cracks taper into small cracks. Read More