4 Reasons to Consider Dry Carpet Cleaning

When most people think about having their carpets professionally cleaned, they assume that steam cleaning or shampooing is the only way to go. Both of these methods can provide great results and are certainly more effective than simply vacuuming your carpet, but you should also think about dry carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning involves applying a special powder to your carpet which agitates the fibres. That powder's particles will also absorb any dirt, much like tiny sponges. After a few minutes, the powder can be vacuumed out to leave your carpet considerably cleaner.

Here are just four reasons to consider dry carpet cleaning

1. Effectiveness

Even though dry carpet cleaning ends with vacuuming, it is far more effective than regular vacuuming. That's because the compounds used in the cleaning powder break down dirt, staining compounds and bacteria. By pre-treating carpet fibres, those contaminants come away far more easily when a vacuum cleaner is run over them. Additionally, the professional cleaning companies that offer dry cleaning will typically use much more powerful vacuums than you have at home.

2. Speed

One of the main drawbacks of shampooing or steam cleaning your carpet is that these processes are quite time-consuming. You'll need to ensure the room is properly ventilated before and after, and you'll also have to wait until the carpet has fully dried before you can walk on it. In contrast, dry carpet cleaning can be completed quickly, and your carpet should be ready to walk on within an hour. As such, dry carpet cleaning is far more convenient than other cleaning options.  

3. Affordability

If you want to have your carpet professionally cleaned while keeping costs down, you'll probably be attracted to dry cleaning instead of shampooing or steam cleaning. Because dry carpet cleaning can be completed so quickly, professional cleaning services do not need to charge as much as they would for other methods. This means you can have your carpet professionally cleaned relatively regularly without having to worry about costs mounting up.

4. Environmental Friendliness

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that no harsh chemicals will need to be used when you opt for dry carpet cleaning. The powder will be biodegradable and completely non-toxic, which makes dry cleaning a good option for those who are concerned about their environmental footprint. Additionally, the fact that dry cleaning does not use any harsh chemicals makes it a completely safe process for young children or pets.