Four Reasons To Use Gold Electroplating To Restore Your Jewellery

Electroplating is a technique used to coat an object with a thin layer of metal. It is often used in the jewellery industry to repair broken jewellery or to make new pieces. The process involves submerging an object into a solution containing the metal needed for plating. Once the metal has been deposited on the surface of the object, it must be rinsed and dried before it can be worn or sold.

Here are four reasons why you should use gold electroplating to restore your jewellery:

1. Gold Electroplating Helps Your Piece Last Longer 

When you use gold electroplating to restore your jewellery, it protects the base metal from corrosion and oxidation damage caused by sweat, skin oils, humidity, and other external factors like air pollution or dust particles in the air around you at any given time. Rings and necklaces will look brighter for longer because the gold plating will protect the base metal from tarnishing. The electroplating process also helps keep your jewellery looking new because it prevents scratches on delicate items like necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

2. Gold Electroplating Restores Uniformity To Your Jewellery 

The electroplating process can also help restore the uniformity of your jewellery. If you have a ring that's been worn down over time, it may have lost its original shape or size. Gold plating will make your ring look like new again by restoring its original dimensions and structure. 

3. Gold Electroplating Makes Your Jewellery Shine Again 

The color of your gold jewellery can fade over time because of oxidation or tarnishing. This damage makes it look dull and unattractive. Gold electroplating can give your jewellery its original color back again by restoring its surface layer. The process of electroplating makes any surface conductive with a thin layer of metal. This means that the resulting layer of gold can be as thin as 1 micron. The thickness of this thin layer allows it to reflect light, giving it an attractive sheen and making it look like new again.

4. Gold Electroplating Adds Strength To Your Jewellery 

Gold electroplating adds strength to any type of metal—including base metals such as silver and copper—making them more durable than they were before the process was applied to them. This means that if you're wearing a ring or bracelet made from an alloy containing silver or copper they won't tarnish as quickly as they otherwise would have done without having been subjected to this form of treatment first.

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