Preserving Your Floating Jetty: Two Tips For Spring Maintenance

With spring rapidly approaching, you are no doubt looking forward to the chance of getting your boat back into the water. While the floating jetty of your new home does not need too much maintenance, it does have two areas that need cleaning after being exposed to wind and rain from the winter months. By paying attention to these two parts of your jetty now, you can protect both your boat and your family. Read More 

3 Ways to Fix a Leaking Fridge Freezer Unit

When a refrigerator develops a leak, there are three easy checks and repairs you can undertake before calling out a specialist. Leaks are usually the result of a poor connection somewhere or a clog, which prevents water passing by. In the majority of cases, the following three repairs tips will solve the issue; if you cannot stop a leak after attempting these three fixes, have the unit checked over by a repair company like Mack's Fix Refrigeration Industries. Read More