Taking Responsibility: the Advantages of Hiring a Carer for Help with Dementia

Anyone who is lucky enough to have a loving family to rely on knows exactly how valuable and important they are.  This value and importance only grow if one member of the family should develop a mental illness or begin to experience dementia in their older years.  Then, more than ever, the support system of a person's relatives is necessary to keep them living happily and safely in their own home.  However, no matter how caring or committed your family is to caring for that person, it is not an easy task.  It can be difficult to find the time - and if you reduce your working hours to facilitate having more time, then you may struggle to make ends meet.  But the logistics of caring for someone only cover half the situation.  It's also vital to remember the human, emotional cost for both you and your loved one.  With that in mind, here are some of the advantages of hiring an in-home carer.


Many elderly people suffer from boredom and loneliness.  Even though your company is greatly appreciated, it may be pleasant and enriching for your relative to talk to somebody else.  Equally, it gives you a change in your schedule too.


Caring for a family member is universally acknowledged to be a very challenging and emotionally taxing process.  Sometimes, carers can feel guilty for stepping away from their relatives.  However, it's extremely important to give yourself some time to relax and recharge - or perhaps to get other important tasks done too.  Committing to hiring an in-home carer who is specially trained to deal with dementia - and who will gladly get to know your relative's personal needs, likes and dislikes over time - may help you to feel better about taking that time for yourself.  You'll feel comforted knowing that your loved one is in safe and responsible hands.


The love and commitment you make to a relative when you choose to help care for them are irreplaceable.  However, despite our best intentions, most of us are not experts in dementia or in caring for others.  Having a professional to work alongside you may not only improve the standard of care for your relative, but also make you feel more confident as a carer too.

Hiring an in-home carer is just one way of maintaining great care for your relative while also easing the strain on your schedule, health and wellbeing.  Crucially, it may also mean that your loved one can remain in their own home - which is a key part of many people's goals and wishes as they age.  Exactly how often this helper comes to visit is up to you and your relative, but even a little respite can be extremely beneficial to both you and your loved one.