How to Deal with a Cat That Urinates on Your Carpet

Cats can be very difficult to understand at the best of times, even though many people treat them as lovable members of the family. Every now and again they will decide to leave a "calling card" in your nice, clean home by urinating in the corner for reasons unknown. If this happens you don't need to panic, though. There's a certain method you can try, to help get rid of that evidence and remove the carpet odor.

Using Familiar Ingredients

You don't have to run to the store to get particular products to deal with this issue. Many ingredients can be found in normal, everyday items that you have around the house. The good news is that these items are also safe for all the family and pets.

Under the sink in the kitchen, you may find hydrogen peroxide solution. In the cupboards above, look for baking soda and white vinegar and finally reach for the dish soap from the sink area.

Where to Start

The first thing you need to do is determine where the crime actually took place. While the urine itself may have mostly dried, you will certainly be able to smell it when you get back home from work. This is why it is always good to have a relatively inexpensive black light, (which you can find at your local hardware store) on hand as it will help you determine where the problem is.

When you have found "ground zero" aim to try and mop up as much of what's left as you possibly can with kitchen towels. Use several sheets of paper and press them down firmly to make sure that as much of the urine is absorbed as possible. By the way, when you are out shopping in your local supermarket, check to make sure that you get the most absorbent paper towel brand that you can find.

Mixing the Solution

Next you need to make up a solution which is composed of equal parts white vinegar and water. Put this into a spray bottle and spray onto the problem area. You should use enough to enable the mixture to get into the fibres of the carpet and then you should let it sit for 10 minutes. Get those paper towels out again and mop up as much of this liquid as you can after that time has elapsed.

Then it is time for the baking soda. Sprinkle some of this over the area. Separately, mix a very small amount of dish soap with hydrogen peroxide. Brush this on.

Be Patient!

Once you've done this leave it sit for 24 hours. This should allow it to dry and you can vacuum up any tiny specks of baking soda, which will have absorbed what was left of the urine as well as that smell.

After all of this has been done, it's a good idea to schedule a comprehensive carpet cleaning.