Selecting the Right Materials for CNC Machining

There are numerous advantages of choosing CNC machining in fabrication of custom products. Basically, this computer control technology is designed to control machines such as lathes, mills and routers using software. This fabrication method is precise in translating your designs; there are no human errors during execution. In addition, the technique is fast, and you will get identical products since the machines duplicate the process perfectly. If you are thinking about ordering custom metal or plastic commodities from your CNC fabricator for your business, you will need to select ideal materials to ensure high-quality results. Here are some considerations to help you make a good choice.


You should think about how easily each material can be made into the product you require. This is the aspect known as machinability in the custom manufacturing industry. Generally, different materials can be used in fabrication of equipment parts, tools and other items. However, each substance has unique properties such as density, malleability and temperature. In ideal circumstances, you should choose a material such as aluminium or brass with high machinability. This will allow your product to be easily fabricated with standard CNC equipment. If you select hard materials such as stainless steel, the project will require special techniques for fabrication. This means that the production process will take longer, and you will be charged more for the extra work required.

Application of Product

You should consider the potential application of your custom fabricated product. The CNC machining process can be used for creating any type of product using almost any material. However, if the nature of the material does not match the intended use, it will fail prematurely. For example, one of the commonly used metals in the manufacturing industry is steel. When choosing your fabrication material, you will need to consider the best type of steel depending on the environment. In simple terms, if your new product is for outdoor use, you should choose stainless steel. Regular carbon steel is more vulnerable to moisture and rust. Additionally, inquire about the ability of the material to withstand high temperatures and pressure.

Cost Factors

Finally, you should think about the cost of purchasing different materials. Remember that the precision and efficiency provided through CNC machining raises the total expenses of your project. If there are two materials suitable for the custom, you can lower the costs by choosing the cheaper option. Additionally, compare different types of stock raw materials before purchase.