How To Carry Out Your Own Regrouting

You may think that regrouting is a messy prospect that will take lots of time and effort to achieve the required results, and maybe even end up in regret if tiles become damaged or broken. In actual fact, regrouting is possibly one of the easiest jobs you will ever carry out. Even though there is the possibility of damaging one or two of your existing tiles, with careful work this can be avoided.

What You Will Need

1. Chisel

2. Grout

3. Grout Float

4. Grout Sealer

5. Grout Saw

6. Mildew Remover

7. Tile Sponge

8. Vacuum

What To Do

1. Selecting the colour of the grout is the first thing to do. If you are replacing small patches of grout, then the colour should match the existing grout. If the entire area is to be regrouted, then the colour should match the tiles.

2. Use a mildew remover to clean the tiles.

3, Using a grout saw or small knife, a cut should be made along the grout lines, before using a chisel to remove the remaining grout.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris so that the room is dust free.

5. Replace any tiles that may have become damaged.

6. Clean the tiles thoroughly again, using a household cleaner to remove any remaining dust or dirt.

7. Follow the preparation instructions on the packaging of the grout.

8. Spread the grout over the tiles, smoothing it as you go with the help of a grout float that is angled to 30 degrees.

9. Using gentle force, ensure that the grout is pressed firmly into the spaces between each tile. Press onto the grout to remove any air bubbles. If you find it too hard to push, this means that the spaces are all full.

10. Run the grout float over the top of the tiles to remove any excess grout. The grout should then be left for at least five minutes to allow it to settle.

11. Slightly wet your sponge and wipe is over the top of the tiles. This will remove any grout that was not removed using the grout float.

12. Allow the grout to dry for at least three days before touching it.

13. The final step is to brush a grout sealer between each tile to ensure that the grout is completely sealed. This will protect the grout from water and mildew.

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