Hotel Owners: Four Things Your Cleaners Should Check to Make Sure Your Bathtubs Are Working

When you are a hotel owner, you have to think about how every element of your hotel works and looks, and that's true from the roof, to the landscaping, to the bathtubs. If your bathtub drains aren't working correctly, it could cause a flood that could permanently damage your hotel. Similarly, if the tubs in your hotel bathrooms are old, cracked or knackered, it reflects poorly on your brand.

To ensure your hotels bathtubs are working and looking great, have your cleaners do a visual inspection of the bathtubs as part of their daily cleaning routine. Have them work through these questions and notify you if they notice anything wrong: Once the cleaners get used to checking, the whole process takes only a few seconds.

Is the plug for the drain working?

Before cleaning the tub, your cleaners should quickly check the plug for the bathtub's drain. If it is a rubber plug, they simply need to check that it's there and in good condition. If it is a connected metal plug, they need to turn the knob or lever and make sure the plug engages with the drain.

Is the waste overflow clear?

The waste overflow is the part of the bathtub that prevents it from overfilling. If one of your guests forgets they have turned the bathtub on and leaves it running, the overflow drain prevents the bathtub from flooding. Having your employees check it can help you prevent a flood and the accompanying damage.

In many cases, the waste overflow is covered by a metallic cover that has a small slit or opening underneath its base. Have your employees rub their hands over this area to make sure it hasn't been blocked by anything.

Does the bathtub have permanent stains or superficial cracks?

If your employees notice cracks or permanent stains on your bathtub, they should also report those issues to the management. With bath repairs with a company like Bathroom Resurfacing SA, you can re-enamel or spray paint baths to cover their cracks and revitalise them.

Are painted baths cracking or peeling?

Your hotel cleaners should note when painted or enameled baths have started peeling or cracking. If you get reports that your baths are doing that, you can hire bath repairs to have the tub re-enameled or re-painted. Alternatively, you can also consider a bath liner.

To ensure your cleaners check these four aspects of your hotel bathtubs, you could use a checksheet where cleaners tick off what they have noticed from room to room, or you could just have cleaners verbally report when they notice issues.